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Viking Motel

Sea World Information

 The world's best marine adventure park with over 200 acres of unbelievable shows, exciting rides and memorable animal encounters, is just down the road from the Viking Motel. Over 80 million folks have visited the amazing encounters with killer whales, sea lions, stingrays and dolphins. With state of the are rides, that thrill, turn, twist and occasionally drench visitors, these mysteries of the underwater world will exhilarate and excite you beyond belief. A day's fantastic pleasure that can be more casually and fully done in 2 days for much more enjoyment and opportunity to see all the amazing shows available.  A huge mythical underwater creature called the Kraken was supposedly kept by Poseidon, lord of the seas. But Seaworld has borrowed the name for its newest, fastest, longest and highest ride thus far featuring thrills and chills at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, with you just hanging there without a floor or sides. Another heart stopper is the Journey to Atlantis, a water coaster ride that includes 2 of the steepest drops into water that are anywhere. As Seaworld continues to step into the thrill ride world of many top theme parks, it brings you the Wild Artic. This awesome adventure gives you a motion based flight over the frozen tundra of the North where you are filled with beauty and inspiration of an Artic exploration. Once out of the simulated chopper, visitors will find live beluga whales, polar bears, harbor seals and walruses. 
Seaworld has a great array of wonderful, magnificent shows that encompass the majestic power of these awesome creatures; 2 featuring Shamu; the Shamu Adventure brings all 7 killer whales and an African fish eagle onto the arena to fascinate young and old; while Shamu Rocks America entails the whales and their trainers performing incredible acrobatics to the beats and brilliant theatrical effects of today's rock and roll music. Each night a different show brings different songs and theatrics; with the always hilarious water splashing of the crowds. Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island is a tale about a pirate adventure with a walrus, otters and sea lions starring. One of the most enjoyable shows includes animals rescued from shelters, including; pot-belly pigs, cats, dogs, rats, and birds. Great for the whole family. The Cirque de la Mer and Intensity water ski shows finish off the ticket. Acrobats, athletes, dancers, stunts, skiers, wakeboarders all mix it up to a frenzy in these two great and entertaining shows. Seaworld also has attractions that will let you get up close and personal with Key West at Seaworld, Shamu: Close Up!, Manatees: the Last Generation?, Pacific Point Preserve, Terrors of the Deep, Penguin Encounter, Dolphin Nursery, and Tropical fish and sea creatures.

Killer Whales at Seaworld by the Viking Motel

Seaworld is close to the Viking Motel







The fishtank at Seaworld close to the Viking MotelPolar bear at Seaworld by the Viking Motel




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