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Viking Motel

epcot information

At Epcot, originally planned as a futuristic experiment by Walt Disney, the park is an amazing day filled to the brim from opening to the last show, IllumiNations. Rest up, as you will have an adventuresome day, filled with rides of the future, 11 different Nation areas, and sights and sounds to expand your horizons. Shaped like an hour glass, or figure 8 depending on your perception, this park is not only exciting, but educational as well. The first half, Future World, is a techno interactive playground with excursions under the water, human body travels, leaps in time backwards and space travel. Plan for a spot later in the evening when IllumiNations stretches your sensory perception to the limits with fireworks, music, lasers, fountains and other special fx. The World Showcase Lagoon is an area to visit for food, ethnicity, drink, sing and dance as the individual nations come alive and give you a small sampling of their marvelous countries.  We have also gone to great lengths to find the best entertainment in the area for you.   Epcot  is located only thirty minutes away and easy to get to following Rt.192.
Some of the more thrilling rides include the Test Track, an auto testing racetrack on one of the fastest, longest rides of Disney reaching speeds up to 60 miles an hour. Other rides include the Turtle Talk with Crush in this digitalized underwater world, while the 152 sea turtle from Finding Nemo, tells jokes, talks with and recognizes guests . And don't forget the Journey into Imagination with Figment as you ride through the Institute (where you can also tour through and see the inside story of this interesting place), board a train in the Sound Lab and use your nose in the Smell Lab. There is Mission: Space giving you the thrill of space flight, Spaceship Earth taking you into space and time in this well known geodesic sphere. Innoventions shows you how future techno advances will help us all. The Land gives you a closer view of our food and the place we live in. The Living Seas is awesome, while the Wonders of Life pavilion shows you life itself, the Universe of Energy will delight everyone with its unusual pavilion, and the Future World of Entertainment thrilling you with so much excitement, you will get a second wind to throroughly enjoy the showcases of the 11 countries. These include a small taste, sound and smells of the countries of Mexico, China, Italy, Norway, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, American, United Kingdom and Morocco. And then, the piece de resistance the fabulous, exciting and beautiful display of the Illuminations with its 1100 pyrotechnic lights to end your evening and send you on your glorious way home to the Viking Motel.Epcot is a stone's throw from Viking Motel Epcot's Illumination near Viking Motel






Epcot Nightlife by Viking Motel


Epcot is close to the Viking Motel Ship over to the Viking Motel