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Viking Motel

Disney information

Disney's Castle near Viking MotelThe best of the best is the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Orlando. An unimaginable trip to never never land but it is real. You can touch, taste, smell, listen and scream in pure entertainment that will enchant the child in all of us. With Frontierland, Liberty Square, Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Mickey's Toontown Fair; there is something for everyone; both young and old. The park will bring out the youth in you and take you to places you only dreamed about or watched on the television.   Walt Disney World is located only fifteen minutes away and easy to get to following Rt. 192.    Designed and created on a wagon wheel concept, with its seven spokes leading into the 7 different themed areas of this magical land, Disney World is a place fantasized by children. Standing in the midst of all this wonder is the 189 foot Cinderella Castle, a magical wonder with 18 towers and 500 dazzling colors of glass set into 5 beautiful mosaics showing the story of Cinderella. The Magic Kingdom transforms its visitors into dream travelers that spend hours taking pictures, videos and riding on the wonderful rides on this 107 acre park. A place under the brilliant Florida sun where troubles and woes disappear in the sprinkling of magic dust, where laughter, screams of joy and wonderment are heard and felt everywhere. The Magic Kingdom is a must visit theme park for any visitor coming to the sunny land of Florida, regardless of age or ethnicity. The child in us will love the magical characters that roam the park, creating a mesmerizing euphoria for our imaginations and enjoyment.

Disney show by the Viking MotelBeauty and the Beast by the Viking Motel

Disney Characters by the Viking Motel Ship over to the Viking Motel