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Viking Motel

discovery cove information

The Viking Motel is the best place to stay while you visit the local attractions in Kissimmee, Florida.  Located on Rt. 192, the main thoroughfare, it is very easy to get to the attractions.  If you are looking for the most unusual, unique experience of your life or vacation, then you should consider Discovery Cove. You will actually be swimming with the dolphins, coming up close to barracudas and sharks, and playing with stingrays; but please plan ahead and make your reservations at least 2 months in advance. Right next to Seaworld, this interactive experience with bottlenose dolphins includes swimming down a tropical river with rocky waterfall and snorkeling into reefs full of tropical fish. After a brief orientation with trainers, the dolphin experience will give you 30 minutes to love, kiss, hug, rub and maybe a fin tow or belly ride. Adventurers will don snorkels and masks for an underwater world few can enjoy. There is a shipwreck, tropical rain forest, underwater cave, and a sunny island beach. On the last leg, you will thrill to the open air aviary allowing you to interact with over 200 tropical birds.
The Viking Motel prides itself on hospitality, friendliness and our amenities are well known for its delicious coffees and pastries.   We have also gone to great lengths to find the best entertainment in the area for you.   Discovery Cove  is located only thirty minutes away and easy to get to following Rt. 192.  Discovery Cove close to Viking Motel
Stingray at Discovery Cove







Close Encounters at Discovery Cove by the Viking Motel

Shake hands at Discovery Cove by the Viking Motel


Ship over to the Viking Motel