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Viking Motel

Cruise information

The Viking Motel is a great place to stay while you visit the local attractions in Kissimmee, Florida.   We are located within a short distance of the coast where you can book a cruise at the best cruise ships companies in the world.  Our professionally licensed and knowledgeable travel agents can help you find what you are looking for and always consider your wallet.  We have used this travel agent since we started and they have certainly done their best.  If you are looking for a hassle free vacation from your main base here in Kissimmee, they are the best.  This is the Glory, the ship we went on and had the best time of our lives.

Carnival cruise ship Glory

Taking a cruise can be the most exciting fun you will have in a long time.  It all depends on you.  Where do you want to go?  How long do you want to go for?  Who are you traveling with?  Family and friends usually will want adjoining rooms to have more intimate excitement and talking through the night or to just share the bathrooms when you are rushing to get to the dining room all dressed up.  There are many choices to make and the best way to handle it all is to plan ahead.  Get involved as soon as you know when you plan to go, and contact your travel agent, who will then find you the best places to see, the best ship to travel on and the best rates for you.  They main job is to take care of you and give you the best, most enjoyable time of your life; even if you plan on going again.  We, at the Viking Motel, have enjoyed the fantastic attention to detail and all the great fun we have had traveling with the Carnival Cruise lines.  The service was outstanding, the food, oh the food, too much, too many choices and too many varieties.  The service personnel on the cruises are happy go lucky people from all over the world, who will bend over backwards to make you happy and fully satisfied.  The shows were awesome, the port of calls were spectacular, we booked with the ship, so they wouldn't leave without us.  We did see a group of 25 poor souls that came back a few minutes late to watch their ship leaving the dock.  Oops!  Don't let that happen to you.  And it is an unusual occurrence since the group didn't book their shore tour with the ship.  If you do book with the ship, then everything will be taken care of by your travel agent.  And I mean everything, including any gratuities, taxes or whatever.  They take care of it all.  Your new best friend.  In the Carnival brochure, one statement caught my eye that I would like to pass on: " our ships have one feature that we are very proud of: everything".  And that's the truth.  Hey, what are you waiting for?  A personal invitation?  Your ship is docked and waiting on you!


Viking Motel Ship